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Science of Sainthood

Interactive Digital Workbook - Introduction to the Psalms

Interactive Digital Workbook - Introduction to the Psalms

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Interactive Digital Workbook - Introduction to the Psalms

This is the interactive Digital version of the accompanying workbook to the popular video study titled Introduction to the Psalms.

This digital workbook allows users to answer questions, type notes, and journal right within the document itself. More details about the workbook are below.

Course Description

This series unveils the beauty and mystery of one of the most beloved of all books in Sacred Scripture. And in the hands of a master teacher like Dr. John Bergsma - two-time winner of the "Best Teacher" award at Franciscan University of Steubenville - this amazing book of the Bible comes alive like never before.

You'll learn all the different kinds of Psalms, the authors, the incredible stories behind many psalms, and see how the Psalms play a major role in salvation history...your salvation history!

"Dr. Bergsma is such a brilliant scholar, really enjoy his teaching!" Joyce

"Brilliant!" Kevin

"This is fantastic!" Barbara

 This Workbook Contains:

  • Lesson Summaries & Reviews
  • Scripture Passages
  • Passages from the Saints
  • Meditations
  • Dedicated space to take Notes & Journaling
  • Review and Discussion Questions for Group (or personal) Study