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Science of Sainthood

GIFT - Individual Course: Catholic Mysticism & The Beautiful Life of Grace (with Print & Digital Workbooks)

GIFT - Individual Course: Catholic Mysticism & The Beautiful Life of Grace (with Print & Digital Workbooks)

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GIFT - Individual Course: Catholic Mysticism & the Beautiful Life of Grace (with Print & Digital Workbooks)

Don't just give them another "thing". Give the gift that can transform their life!

Course Description

In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus says that only "one thing" is necessary...the interior life. And once you really understand what He's talking about, everything changes!

In a series of 14 powerful presentations (plus a bonus episode on prayer), renowned teacher Matthew Leonard dives into the rich, mystical tradition of Catholic spirituality in a way you've never heard before.

It's a series that has touched the lives of thousands of Catholics from around the world.

"Whenever we complete a video .. we just look at each other with utter amazement and say ..WOW"

"I just cant say enough...This is not something we have been able to get at any other bible studies or at our church."

This Individual Course Includes:

  • One Full Year of Access to every lesson at any time. Watch whenever you want, for as many times as you want on a computer, tablet or smart phone!

  • Beautiful Printed Workbook 

    • Introductions & Detailed Lesson Review
    • Saint Quotes
    • Scripture Passages for Lectio Divina
    • Meditations
    • Dedicated Space for Notes & Journaling
    • Review & Discussion Questions
  • Interactive Digital Version of Workbook available for immediate download. Type notes, answer questions, and journal right in the document!

Live outside the United States or Canada (or just don't want a printed workbook)?  (CLICK HERE for the cheaper course version that offers a Digital-only workbook.)

How Long Are the Lessons?
Each video is about 10 minutes long (though some are a bit longer). Many groups who use this series do two lessons each week, though you can pace it how ever works best for your situation.

"The length is just right for each lesson because there is so much in them. Excellent and understandable teaching."

Lesson Titles:

Lesson One - What is the Mystical Life?
Lesson Two - The Importance of Station in Life
Lesson Three - How Deification Happens
Lesson Four - The Desire for Divinity
Lesson Five - The Power of Love to Divinize
Lesson Six - The Beauty of Grace
Lesson Seven - Why Do We Struggle? Unpacking the "Absolute Supernatural"
Lesson Eight - Why Do We Struggle? Understanding the "Relative Supernatural"
Lesson Nine - Sanctifying Grace & Our Formal Participation in God
Lesson Ten - The "Accident" of Sanctifying Grace
Lesson Eleven - Understanding the Two Regions of the Human Soul
Lesson Twelve - The Fall from Grace
Lesson Thirteen - Introduction to Actual Grace & Free Will
Lesson Fourteen - Operating Grace vs Cooperating Grace

"This is the best, most powerful, most insightful study I have ever done, bar none."

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