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Science of Sainthood

GIFT - Individual Course: Total Abandonment to God's Will (Digital Workbook Only)

GIFT - Individual Course: Total Abandonment to God's Will (Digital Workbook Only)

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GIFT - Individual Course: Total Abandonment to God's Will (Digital Workbook Only)

Don't just give them another "thing". Give the gift that can transform their life!

Course Description

Part of the Science of Sainthood series created by Catholic evangelist Matthew Leonard, Total Abandonment To God’s Will is composed of 10 powerful, easily digestible 12-15 minute video lessons perfect for group study.

In this incredibly practical and powerful course, Matthew Leonard teaches how to deal with all the events and circumstances of this life in a manner that allows us to maintain peace of heart and not get upset. In fact, he shows how every circumstance we encounter can actually propel us forward in the spiritual life and move us closer to God. 

It's all about a trustful surrender to God in every aspect of our lives...and it changes everything!

"Your course is amazing.”

"There are not words to explain the profound impact your series on Total Abandonment to GOD's will has had on me."

“Can I just say- WOW"

 Check out a Sample Lesson:

This Individual Course Includes:

  • One full year of access to every lesson at any time. Watch whenever you want, for as many times as you want on a computer, tablet or smart phone!

  • Interactive Digital Workbook for immediate download. Type Notes, Answer Questions, and Journal right in the document!

    Please Note: This option does not include a printed workbook. It's designed for international (i.e. Non-US & Canada) or those who don't desire a printed workbook. (CLICK HERE for the version that includes a printed workbook.)

    How Many Lessons & How Long Are They?
    There are 10 lessons.

    Each video is about 12-15 minutes long (though some are a bit longer). Many groups who use this series do two lessons each week, though you can pace it how ever works best for your situation.
    "The length is just right for each lesson because there is so much in them. Excellent and understandable teaching."

    You've never experienced a study like this before!

    "I just cant say enough and we have only just finished with the Deification section!!!  This is not something we have been able to get at any other studies or at our church."

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