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Science of Sainthood

Interactive Digital Workbook - Total Abandonment to God's Will

Interactive Digital Workbook - Total Abandonment to God's Will

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Interactive Digital Workbook - Total Abandonment to God's Will

This is the Interactive Digital version of the companion workbook to Total Abandonment to God's Will, taught by Matthew Leonard.

  • Hyperlinked Table of Contents and chapters for easy navigation. (No more endless scrolling!)
  • Journal and take Notes right in the document
  • Answer Review & Discussion Questions right in the document
  • After purchase, we'll also email you a regular pdf for personal printing (not for distribution).

Total Abandonment to God Digital Workbook Science of Sainthood

This Workbook Contains:

  • 10 Lesson Summaries & Reviews
  • Scripture Passages
  • Passages from the Saints
  • Meditations
  • Dedicated space to take Notes & Journaling
  • Review and Discussion Questions for Group (or Personal) Study 

Course Description

The goal of the spiritual life could be boiled down to one thing - conforming our will to the will of Jesus Christ. It's all about a trustful surrender to God in every aspect of our lives.

And while giving up our will and abandoning it all to God sounds a bit scary on one level, it’s actually the key to a peace that we can’t experience any other way. Put simply, the more you give yourself over to God, the happier you will be…period.

Practically speaking, it teaches how to take the events and circumstances of this life and not allow them to upset us or destroy our peace and illuminates how any circumstance can powerfully propel us forward in the spiritual life. 

"Your course is amazing.”

"I just cant say enough...This is not something we have been able to get at any other bible studies or at our church."

“Can I just say- WOW"