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Science of Sainthood

GROUP STARTER PACK - St. Teresa of Avila's Nine Grades of Prayer

GROUP STARTER PACK - St. Teresa of Avila's Nine Grades of Prayer

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GROUP STARTER PACK: St. Teresa of Avila's Nine Grades of Prayer

NOTE: Purchase of the Group Study Starter Pack grants immediate access to all 14 video lessons in this course for one year, and a Digital Leader Guide with answers to Review Questions. It also includes Course Completion certificates & 5 Print Workbooks which will be shipped to the parish or group leader. If additional workbooks are needed, you'll be given the option to add to your order after purchase of the Group Starter Pack (or they can be purchased separately HERE.)

Course Description

This series is a penetrating and dynamic exploration of the classic grades of prayer from the Doctor of Prayer, St. Teresa of Avila. Beginning with the basics, it illuminates vocal, meditative, and contemplative prayer as the path to union with God.

Like a thrilling drama, it intensifies as it progresses, until it finally culminates in the ecstatic union with God for which every one of us is made.

St. Teresa of Avila's Nine Grades of Prayer is unlike any series you've ever experienced and will leave you breathless at what God has in store for you. This study is a "must" for any Catholic who wants to understand what Christ himself calls the "one thing necessary" in Luke 10.

And very few people can match Matthew Leonard's ability to clearly explain to regular Catholics the beauty and depth of St. Teresa's incredible teaching. 

"Matthew is possibly the finest speaker on the spiritual life out there these days. His clarity and depth are a blessing." Fr. Rich Simon - Relevant Radio

WOW, only Matthew Leonard can explain so simply what is infused prayer." Maria

"Mind-blowing and transforming catechesis on Catholic spirituality." Fr. Augustine 

How Many Lessons & How Long Are They?

  • There are 14 lessons in this series.
  • Each lesson is approximately 15 minutes long. 

Some groups who use this series do two lessons each week, though you can pace it however works best for your situation.

Here's a look at Lesson One of the series titled "Overview & the First Grade of Prayer"

Please Note: While this course is part of the Science of Sainthood platform, it is designed to be a stand-alone course. Any references to "previous lessons" are simply references to other Science of Sainthood courses not necessary for this course.

This Group Starter Pack includes:

  • Online Course Access for One Year - Immediate access to all fourteen video lessons in this course, licensed for group showing whenever you want, as many times as you want.  Any group in your parish can use it.
  • Digital Group Leader Guide with answers to all workbook Review Questions
  • Course Completion Certificates - Reward group members with customized printable certificates. 
  • 5 Beautiful Print Workbooks – Five physical workbooks will be shipped to the parish or group leader. Each workbook includes:
    • Detailed Lesson Summaries & Reviews
    • Scripture Passages for Lectio Divina
    • Passages from the Saints
    • Meditations
    • Dedicated Space for Notes & Journaling
    • Review & Discussion Questions

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